Supplements shouldn’t be your number 1 focus when trying to heal.

Trust me, I spent 400 euros a month for a year stuffing my body with all kind of natural supplements, and for very minimal results. If you are on a tight budget, that’s not where I’d spend my money on to be honest with you. 

The reason is that your focus should be on what you eliminate.

If you’ve switched to a healing diet already, chances are that you’ve started stirring up years of toxins and those toxins need to find a way out.

Adding more supplements to this is just going to burden your body even more. You need to let the gunk out, and that’s when herbs come into play to help support your eliminatory channels to do their job at removing toxins from your deep tissues and organs. 

That being said, I have to mention one supplement that really made a world of difference for me, because it acts at a cellular level to enhance your body’s detoxing abilities.

It’s ASEA water. 


What is ASEA?

ASEA is a cell signaling redox water that helps the body repair at a cellular level. Redox signaling molecules are made inside our cells and are foundational to all cellular health.

When you take ASEA, you’re drinking something that is naturally produced by your body, you’re just replenishing your storage and your body can use those extra «workers»  to do its job even better : heal and repair and restore balance and harmony.

I invite you to watch this video to understand better how ASEA works at the cellular level. 

My experience on ASEA

ASEA has made a huge impact on my health and it has helped my body detox and regenerate on a whole other level. I like to recommend ASEA to people when they’re trying EVERYTHING they can and are still struggling to get their health back.

That was my case, my diet was “perfect” but I was still suffering from painful gallstone attacks that were sending me to the ER. I refused to take toxic pain killers but managing my pain levels was very challenging, which is why I accepted to try ASEA.

From the moment I started taking ASEA, I haven’t had ONE single gallstone attack.

It also helped my gums and teeth regrow bone tissue by remineralizing them and helping buffer acids in my body.

Another amazing benefit is when I don’t get a good night’s sleep, the next day I cannot function. My heart is racing, my legs paralysed and I can barely move or think. I usually take an extra dose of ASEA in these rare cases and a couple hours later, it’s like I had a normal sleep the day before. It recently saved my New Year’s eve where I had to host a dinner and had barely any sleep the day before due to insomnia. I was shocked how quickly it helped my system get back on track!

I’ve seen people spit out tumors with ASEA, regrow hair, smoothen wrinkles, heal bones, get their vision back… it honestly seems to be too good to be true sometimes, but I can’t deny my own experience and how much it’s helped me. 

You can check the Facebook group “ASEA Healthy Self” and use the search option to find testimonies of people who healed conditions similar to yours.

The recommended dosage 

The recommended dosage is 1 bottle per week (you take a shot of 2oz in the morning, keeping each sip in your mouth for 30 sec before swallowing, and again 2oz before bed). If this is too much at first and you experience detox symptoms, simply slow down and remember to rest and hydrate yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables and clean water. 

Some people might need to take more (I took 8 bottles a month at some point). Just follow your intuition and slowly play around with the dosage to see how your body reacts. 

Note: you don’t need ASEA to heal. Your body is a wonderful adaptive machine that can perform miracles if we let it. But for some people products like ASEA can help, especially at the beginning when you don’t see much progress happening. I see ASEA as a crutch, something to propulse you further and faster in your healing journey. 


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