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Complete Guide to Joe Dispenza’s meditations

Be prepared to tap into an incredible healing power thanks to these life changing meditations…

Yes, they have changed my life. 

And they’re probably the most beneficial healing practice I’ve implemented on my healing journey. In only 3 weeks I started seeing incredible results. 

Are you ready to take the dive and tap into your supernatural healing power – the one that is already inside you? 

Then keep reading. It’s so worth it, trust me. 

By getting familiar with Joe Dispenza’s teachings and doing the meditations regularly, you’ll get to change your body’s chemistry in a few minutes – in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to signal new genes, turn off the ones that signal disease, improve your system’s functions and if you go deep enough, you’ll get to experience a profound meditative state – and finally break free from your illness. 


That sounds almost too good to be true, right?


Well, it isn’t. The only thing is that you have to be willing to do the work. Willing to dedicate a moment in your day to sit down, close your eyes and go beyond yourself. It doesn’t matter what you want in your life – if the energy you keep broadcasting is the one of a victim.

Imagine what your dream self would look like. You ideal version of yourself. Healthy, Smiling, Happy? Radiating love and confidence? In love with life and up for anything? Limitless? Fearless? So now ask yourself:


What energy would your dream self broadcast?


Now you need to start raising your energy. Literally start embodying this person and matching your energy to the one you want to attract, and bring that dream future to you. 




About Joe Dispenza

Joe dispenza

Joe Dispenza is an author and speaker who wrote 3 books on the power of the mind to heal the body.
At age 25, he experienced a severe accident when a SUV ran over him during a triathlon event. He was on his bike and ended up with 6 broken vertebrates, with a large volume of shattered segments going back towards his spinal cord.

He refused surgery and decided to heal his body with the power of his mind. He was convinced that if he’d rest his attention and energy long enough on his spinal column, he’d reconstruct it with the very power of his thoughts.

That sounds quite crazy, right?

After a few weeks of committing to doing the meditations for several hours every single day, his health started to improve.

After 10 weeks, he stood up and walked out of his wheelchair without any cast or surgery.


He was fully recovered and started working again and taking in patients.

It’s been 30 years since this happened and he’s hardly had any back pain ever since.



Before we start:

The meditations of Joe Dispenza can seem a little odd at first. No, you won’t be laying down and hear a cute lullaby that puts you to bed.

You have to work for it. You will train your brain. Joe Dispenza uses a weird voice at times to emphasize some words and create a sort of resonance that will allow your brain to slow down his waves and put you in a more meditative / hypnotic state. 

If you’ve never meditated before and you want to practice more “conventional” guided meditations, you can check :

  • The app Headspace : great for beginners and to practice sitting in silence for 5, 10, 15 or 20 min per day. (you get access to 10 free sessions)
  • The Mindful Movement on Youtube, they offer a lot of high quality free meditations. 
Update: Since writing this article, I created my own healing app, called Envol. You will find there the best meditations you’ll ever hear! Try for free on

Once you’re ready to start with Joe Dispenza, I encourage you to get his book “Becoming Supernatural” where he explains how the meditations work and why they’re so important. 


Trust me, this is the best investment you’ll make on yourself this year. You need to get this book!

The 5 steps of the meditations

These different stages are what make the meditations from Joe Dispenza so unique. He goes in detail for each of them in his book “becoming supernatural”, but here is the gist:

1. The breath

We spend a lot of time stuck in survival mode, represented by our first 3 chakras. This breathing exercise will make you contract your intrinsic muscles, from your anus, perineum, to your abdomen up until the top of your head while visualizing your breath going all the way up and holding it there for a few second. This exercise will wake a sleeping dragon, as old emotions will come up and you’ll be able to let them go. Don’t worry if you cry during the first weeks, or if you start shaking uncontrollably, or if you have a fever or a sore throat. It means energy is moving up. (some meditations don’t have this breathing exercise at the beginning, but you’ll always be invited to take a few deep conscious breaths in all the meditations)

2. Focusing on a part of your body, in and around it

During this exercise, you’ll be asked to focus on a specific part of your body (so far that’s quite easy) and on the space around it (that’s when it gets harder. My tip: simply imagine someone standing next to you, and then imagine the space they were occupying once they leave the room). By doing this repeatedly, you will lower your brain waves – from Beta, to alpha, to Tetha and maybe Delta if you’re really good. This simple exercise allows you to go past your neocortex and access your subconscious mind and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, responsable of digesting, repairing tissues and many other cool things your body can only do when you’re calm or sleeping. In other words: you’re opening the door of your very own healing machine.

3. Becoming no one, merging with the quantum field

Now you should start disconnecting from your body. your hands and legs seem far away and it feels like you can’t move them (you can if you try of course). At that moment you’ll be asked to enter the quantum field. The quantum field is a black, empty space where nothing material exists, only energies and vibrations. (If you zoom in long enough on a particle of matter, like your hand, or a chair, you’ll isolate an atom, and if you zoom in again, you’ll notice that this atom is made of 99,9999% of space. That space, where nothing material exists, filled with emptiness, is packed with information. That’s the quantum field, and that’s where you’ll be connected. This is when you become pure consciousness, and that’s where the magic happens.

4. Feeling elevated emotions and experiencing your ideal self

Once you’re one with the quantum field, you’ll be invited to feel an immense gratitude overflowing in and out of your heart area. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership and it is when your mind and body are in deep coherence. Every cell in you will start working at its peak performance, you’ll start turning off genes that signal diseases, your blood pressure will drop and all the systems in your body will get an upgrade and work a lot more efficiently. Then, you’ll start bringing your dream future to life. You’ll be asked to imagine what it would look like, and most importantly, what it will feel like. You can see yourself tan and showing off at the beach in your dream body, or you can see yourself healed and walking from a wheelchair with tears of happiness rolling down your cheeks.
How do you know when you’re there? You’ll have a smile on your face and you’ll feel incredibly blessed and thankful for this new future, before it’s made manifest.

5. Coming back to your senses and to your reality

You’ll be asked to slowly open your eyes when you’re ready. From then, try to resume your day with the same state of mind you had during the meditation – aware of your limited thoughts (not judgmental, simply aware) and matching your behavior with this ideal vision of yourself.

The Meditations, detailed one by one

The short ones:

Great if you’re busy or getting started. They’re both less than 30 min and great to start and/or finish your day.

The Morning Meditation and the Evening Meditation (23 min each. Steps: 2-5)

They both come in one package.
The Morning meditation will have you visualize and experience your day ahead to come, and become the best version of yourself that you want to embody. It’s a very complete meditation that is great to start the day in a very positive way.
The Evening meditation is more calming and will invite you to reflect on how you behaved earlier in your day and if it matched the person that you want to be.

The Morning meditation is one of my favorite ones. I love to do it in the morning with the sun rising. 

Rest and Renew (17 min. Steps: 1-5)

I call this one the “express” meditation. It’s the shortest one of Joe Dispenza’s and, good news, it’s free on Youtube. It’s only 17 min, so it’s quite fast. Great to get familiarized with Joe Dispenza’s work.

I personally find that I don’t have time to get into it as it’s super short. But it’s a great one to get started with.

Turning Your Love Inward (20 min meditation + 20 min music. No steps)

This meditation was designed for mothers, women who give a lot to others and rarely take some time for themselves. also for women who don’t love themselves and don’t value how beautiful they are. It offers you 20 min of pure love and attention for your beautiful self. It’s a precious gift to yourself.

You will know what I’m talking about after only a few second of playing it. Trust me this one is a MUST have.

The engaging ones:

Great to be lifted during the meditation and experience deep release of emotions

Tuning Into New Potentials (7 min breath + 45 min meditation. Steps 1-5)

During this meditation you’ll be asked to imagine 2 potentials that you’d like to see coming true in your life. That’s when you’ll project yourself deep in the field and sustain elevated emotions (of joy, happiness, abundance) while embodying your dream self. The more you feel it, the more you’re calling that future to you.

One of my all time favorite. It really allows you to vizualize that specific future you want for yourself and spend time defining it with details. If you have a little more time to meditate, this is a great replacement to the Morning Meditation.

Reconditionning The Body To A New Mind (7 min breath + 45 min meditation. Steps 1-5)

Very similar to Tuning Into New Potentials, only instead of imagining 2 potentials, you’ll be proposed a series of qualities that you’ll have to feel and embody. Ex: “what does it feel like to have courage? Come on, what does it feel like? What does it feel like to feel empowered?” Its pace is slightly calmer than the one before. 

Great if you need a little more guidance in feeling elevated emotions. 

Body Parts In Space (49 min)

This is probably the most complete of all Joe’s meditations. The first part focuses a lot on different parts of your body, which lowers your brain waves and make you enter a more relaxed state where you can start reconditioning your mind. It is soothing during the fist half, and more engaging during the second half.

I personally like to do it undisturbed, so more inside in the dark rather than outside in nature. 


Walking Meditations
1 – Walking into your future (71min) FREE!
2 – Walking with the divine (61min)

These walking meditations differ slightly as you will have to do them standing, and then walking, your gaze on the horizon in a sort of hypnotic state. Joe Dispenza has them during his workshop in the very early morning in nature (forest, parc or beach). Don’t worry if you can’t walk, you can always do them sitting if that’s easier for you. For now i’ve been doing them sitting and only walking when he invites us to do so. 

The two meditations are great, the only difference between them is that the second one has a more spiritual and engaging side to it. They are both powerful meditations. 
You can start with the first one and then try the second one after that, once you’re familiarized with this type of meditation (walking).

I like both but let me tell you, the second one is POWERFUL. Joe starts right away with a lot of energy and literally takes your hand, makes you feel the most divine you’ve ever felt and invites you to walk into your future RIGHT NOW.

Changing Beliefs And Perceptions  (12 min breath + 44 min meditation)

This one is very specific: it starts like the others, but then Joe Dispenza will ask you to focus on a certain belief that you have about yourself and that you would like to change. 

This meditation allows you to de-program some hard wired neurocircuits in your brain and re-program them with new ones. You can use this meditation to stop a bad habit, or simply change the way you perceive or react to certain things based on past experiences. 

I love this one. I used it a lot to reprogram my mind into thinking that walking = no pain. In 3 weeks time of doing it daily I saw incredible results. 


You Are The Placebo (7 min breath + 45 min meditation)

Very similar to changing Beliefs And Preceptions, only it’s a little more guided. I just discovered it recently. It’s a very complete meditation. It’s also priced cheaper. 


Space Time – Time Space  (69 min)

This one is a little different than the other ones: you will start with 15 min of breathing through your heart chakra and opening it with love and gratitude. Then you will hear the most engaging song, where Joe will guide you as you breathe and move energy upward, from the base of your spine until the top of your head. After that, you’ll spend a long time just getting lost in the quantum realm and sensing the energy of space around you. You’ll only be doing that – sensing the energy. It’s a great exercise to develop your capacity to sense the space around you and thus, lower your brain waves on demand. 

I love this one as well, although it’s not one I would recommend buying when you’re just getting started, as it really is an exercise. 


The relaxing ones:

Great if you’re tired and need to recharge your batteries. 

BOTEC 1  (42 min)

This is the first meditation introducing the Blessing Of The Energy Centers (BOTEC) serie. Carried by the sound of crickets and by soft drums, you will rest your attention on your energy centers, also called chakras in sanskrit, and by doing so you will make them work more efficiently at each level (each is responsible for a set of glands, organs and hormone production), rising your whole body’s vibration and health. You become more coherent, more centered, more aligned…

If you love the sounds of crickets and camping, you’ll love this one! It’s also a nice one to fall asleep right after, so perfect for bedtime. 


Water Rising (70 min)

This is a long meditation that is perfect when you want extra guidance. Joe talks during the whole time, in a very soothing voice, inviting you to do a body scan where you visualize a warm, healing water rising up your body. During the second part of the meditation, you will reflect on the behaviors that you would like to change during your day. 

I like to do this one in the sun or in a warm bath, or when I’m very tired. It’s a soothing one. 


The Generous Present Moment  (47 min)

I loooove this one. It allows you to connect to the unified field and to stay there for a long time, with a very soothing masculine voice in the background. Joe guides you until half and then leaves you be for the rest of the meditation, letting you practice being aware that you’re aware and sustaining that presence and connection. I also like to play this one when I feel that I need to rest and it acts like a natural aspirin. Powerful stuff.

One of my top favorites! I like to do this one in the afternoon when I feel very tired – it allows me to rest deeply and I feel a lot better after. 


Project Coherence (43 min)

This meditation was played during a livestream event where 6000 people from 77 countries meditated together. The goal of this meditation is to raise the Earth’s electromagnetic field, by raising your energy and placing your attention in the center of the earth and all around it. 

It’s a beautiful meditation. I love how it makes me feel connected to nature. I love to do this one with my feet grounding on a natural surface, on the grass in a forest or on the beach.


The advanced ones:

Great if you’re tired and need to recharge your batteries. 

BOTEC 2  (46 min)

The only reason why this one is in “Advanced meditations” is because it is advised to start with BOTEC 1 (see description above) and to read the book “becoming supernatural” to understand how it works. During this meditation, you will rest your attention on your energy centers, also called chakras in sanskrit, and associate a symbol to them. I’ve eased a lot of gallbladder pain with this meditation. By resting your attention on each chakra, you make them work more efficiently at each level (each is responsible for a set of glands, organs and hormone production) and you raise your whole body’s vibration and health. You become more coherent, more centered, more aligned. 

This one is my little gem. it empowers me so much! This is, in my opinion, the most powerful meditation of Joe Dispenza. I cry everytime.

The Pineal Gland (78 min)

This is the first meditation I ever bought from Joe Dispenza, and of course it’s the most difficult! This meditation was designed to activate your pineal gland (located in the middle of your skull, responsible for melatonin and serotonin production – it’s your antenna to other energies and vibrations). You will start with a full Blessing of the Energy Centers, resting your attention on each chakra, with a nice, soft music playing in the background. You will then be asked to lie down for 10 min while an angelic music plays, in order to maintain that healing state you’re in. After that, you’ll start doing the breath exercise, and then you’ll focus all your attention on that little pineal gland in the center of your head. This exercise is difficult. Most people do this meditation at 4am in the morning, as it’s one your melatonin production is at its peak. Some are having incredible results with it (the more you activate your pineal gland, the more you change the expression of your melatonin – which can lead to the same experience as taking psychedelic substances).

The angelic music in between the breath and the pineal gland exercice is nice, but I’d say this is very advanced for someone who’s just starting meditating.


Ok so that’s a lot if info… Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t panic!

Here is a sum up: 


If you’ve never meditated before:

Start with the app Headspace and practice the 10 free sessions, or check The Mindful Movement on YouTube and their amazing free meditations.
When you’re ready to move to Joe Dispenza, start by buying one of his books (I’ve only read “Becoming Supernatural” and that’s the one I recommend buying)
Read the book and start getting familiar with the meditations. 
Now when you’re ready to meditate: find the meditation that matches your needs the most, purchase it and start doing it daily. If you can afford it, buy 2 or 3 with different styles so that it can fit your mood better. 

If you’re a beginner or don’t have much time:

Get the Morning / Evening one. 


If you want to be moved and inspired, and carried high:

Get Tuning into new potentials, Project coherence or Turning your Love Inward. 


If you want to be guided and soothed, stay in a relax state:

Get Water rising or the Generous present moment. 


If you want to rewire your brain and change an attitude / a habit: 

Get Changing Beliefs and Perceptions. 

If you want to take it to the next level and be completely hypnotized by joy and love:

Get BOTEC 2, or The walking meditation 2. 

And if you have absolutely no idea which one to get:

Don’t worry, every one of these meditation is amazing. You can’t go wrong! But if you really don’t know, then get Body parts in space. It’s the most complete meditation.




Hope this helps guys!

Let me know below in the comment which one is your favorite meditation? <3


Julie healing (5)


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43 Comments on “Complete Guide to Joe Dispenza’s meditations

  1. Thank you so much Julie. I was just wondering for the walking meditation, did you walk the whole time? I’m not capable of walking for extremely long periods of time at the moment.

    1. Hi Ali, no what I usually do is that if I’m lucky enough to be able to do it outside in a garden or a park, I sit on a chair or on the floor, and only start walking when he asks to do so. Then when i’m tired I just sit again.

  2. So far, my favorite is Tuning Into New Potentials but I’m still new to his meditations (one week in). I’m doing 3 meditations a day – Morning & Evening and usually Tuning Into New Potentials or BOTEC1. Can I ask how many hours a day you meditate for, Julie?

    1. Hi Laurie, for me it doesn’t matter that much how long I meditate – what matters is if I reached that sweet spot of the present moment when I feel a healing wave going through my legs and soothing my entire body. I try to meditate every day until I reach this feeling. Sometimes it takes 15 min and then I’m done, sometimes 3 hours. xx

  3. Thank you SO much, Julie!! Your info was (and will be) extremely useful for me. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into guiding us and telling us about your experiences.

  4. Julie you did such an amazing job with this post!!! So simple but well written, crystal clear special for beginners. I find it to be a perfect guide until we are more familiar with all the meditations. Thank you so much for all the energy, work and love that I can feel through this whole post. Sending you healing blessings ✨??✨

  5. What an amazing & complete summary! Thank you so much Julie. I follow you on IG & you are such an inspiration.

  6. Hello Julie,
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    After my progressive work shop in Brussels , I bought 6 or 5 meditations and started to medidate daily , choosing randomly .
    My favorite was “Space Time ” because it helped me somehow finding that mysterious unknown;until now, I am not sure to be at the right place but I feel so a ewhen I arrive there.
    What moves me most is the declaration “surrender to intelligent love”.
    After my long week retreat in Malta, I am meditating daily whith the energy centers 7 , which is the one we did in Malta.
    I am not yet well organised whith the walking meditations , but I already loved them every time I tried.
    You inspire all of us and give such joy and hope , you are the living evidence of miracle existence.Thank you again.
    Sending you a wagon of love!,

  7. Thank you for all the information! Great help to choose what meditation I want to try. I decided to do the “reconditioning the body to a new mind” and I love the meditation, but I also experience that everytime I meditate my whole body is shaking and energy is coming up that doesn’t really feel good. Do you have any experience with that?

  8. I’m in the process of listening to Becoming Supernatural. Thanks so much for this guide, it’s very helpful. I also managed to get BOTEC 1 for free on Amazon Music. Not sure if it’s because I got the 4 month introductory offer for Amazon Music and it happens to be part of their streaming service.

  9. Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for your time explaining all the meditations. It’s enormous help! I knew some of the meditations and practice them, but here I have all of them in one place. I had no idea about half of them.
    Great job!
    All the best in your healing journey!

  10. Hi Julie, Thanks so much for this! I have some of his meditations and I find some of them hard to listen to but I’m going to try again after a hiatus. You’ve inspired me! I do have a question for you, as I’ve been doing other meditations/visualizations. How were you able to imagine yourself without pain? I’ve had chronic pain for more than 10 years so when I meditate and “act as if” I find it incredibly challenging to remember what a pain free body feels like. then I worry I’m further engraining the pain pattern into my consciousness.

  11. Hi Julie,
    Just found your post on these meditations, thanks 🙂

    Perhaps you can answer the following as well:
    are you suppose to never use ” a n y t h o u g h t s ” in the meditations?

    I understand that when becoming ‘aware in space’ one shouldn’t have thoughts but only become “aware”.
    But what about when
    – mentally rehearsing the future and
    – during the elevated emotions, or
    – when blessing the energy centers, or
    – when asking this intelligence for a sign etc.,
    with all of those, I am having ‘thoughts in my mind then. Wonderful thoughts, but still t h o u g h t s.
    Is this totally wrong, only keeping me in beta waves ??

    Also, when doing your own meditation, I thought I did a good job,
    and really liking it, having enough time for all of my mental rehearsals…
    but naturally I mentally went – again with thoughts- through the parts of my meditation.
    Again is this totally wrong and counterproductive, as this would never get me to reach any slower brain waves
    that are needed for making any physical changes in the body ??

    Much appreciating your reply.

    1. Hi Tara,

      That’s a valid point, one that I have asked myself in the past. The point of the meditations is to lower our brain waves by focusing on that space around us, as you mentioned it correctly, and by doing so, entering our subconscious mind. When you are in that state, all the energy that you are normally giving out towards external things in your environment is now available for you and your body. So when you have entered your subconscious, and you bring to your mind’s eye a vision of the future carrying a strong emotional signature, that’s when you rewire your brain and rise up to that vibration which attracts your future. It’s a very different state than having many different thoughts in Beta waves from daily activities and feeling emotions of stress, fear or anxiety.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        Then I guess, I am doing it all wrong…
        But my elevated emotions are wonderful, they bring me to tears and total bliss,
        but I guess I am ‘thinking and feeling these experiences’ but there are thoughts, too, about these activities I guess.
        Any suggestion, how you have done and how you currently do this, without ANY thoughts, ever?

      2. It’s also when expressing love or gratitude, one might want to ‘think’ I love…’ or ‘I am so grateful for…’ and THEN feel it,
        – but that is also a thought.. and so wrong..

      3. A final addition on this ;-):
        it’s like with the kaleidoscope/mind movie, one might recall and thus ‘think’ the affirmation one ‘read’ in the mind movie,
        but then it’s a ‘thought’ again…
        Am I using the term ‘thoughts’ wrongly, or am I actually doing it ALL entirely wrong… but why does it make me feel good then?
        The thought/rehearsal vision of whatever/leads to the elevated emotion, felt and perhaps expressed mentally once, but it also feels wonderful, …. still wrong?? 😉

        1. I wouldn’t overthink this Tara, if you’re having a wonderful time and feeling what your dream future would feel like during the meditations, you are doing a wonderful job.

  12. I have recently just got into everything Joe Dispenza and I too can tell it’s going to change my life.
    I started off reading Breaking the Habit of being yourself which finally made everything click for me – as to why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and why I’m constantly what feel that way.
    I have to say Julie you are truly inspirational and I wish you all the best on your journey of healing 🙂
    hanks’ for giving such a thorough break down with all the mediations. Will defiantly be returning to this blog 🙂 xxxx

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible information. But I also want to know about Generating abundance meditation.

  14. Thank you for all of this detailed information. I am reading Becoming Supernatural and (so far) working through the meditations as he talks about them in the book. I’ve already had some powerful healing moments during the Tuning Into New Potentials meditation. The feelings of heightened emotion and gratitude have made such a difference mentally. A lot of it is too personal to throw out here, but I definitely worked through some past trauma in one particular sitting. Something that I didn’t even really fully understand that I was still dealing with – until I suddenly wasn’t anymore. I am looking forward to working my way through some of his other meditations and will definitely keep looking back on this guide you made to help me decide which ones will best suit my needs. Thank you again. Much love. 🙂

  15. This is such an amazing post, thank you so much for the full summary and the specific details, really loved this post Julie.

  16. Thank You for putting this together Julie, I had no idea where to start, and these were great pointers! Warm greetings from Hungary! 🙂

  17. Thanks for this Julie 😊

    I am just working through Becoming Supernatural and love Tuning into New Potentials. Do you meditate on the same two intentions every time you do this meditation. Or should it be that once you release them into the field, you just leave them for the universe to work it’s magic, without focusing on them again? Or do my intentions need to be meditated on regularly until they materialise?

    Based on the first exercise in Becoming Supernatural, I wrote down about five different letters (like the Jace example) with lists of intentions/elevated emotions because I felt like wanted to get them out and down on paper. Should I leave the other letters until a later time and keep meditating in the first two intentions, or is it a good idea to try and condense it all into two letters/lists?

    Thank you for your blog! 🙏

    1. Hi Wendy! You seem to be doing great, keep up the good work! I would advise you to focus on the same intentions until they manifest in your life, then move to the rest – at least that how I did it and had success with! But of course as with everything, follow your intuition 🙂

  18. Hi Julie
    Thank you so much for this very detailed breakdown of Joe Dispenza’s meditations. It seems like most of them are not available on Amazon anymore. Would you happen to know where I can find them now? Many thanks

  19. Hello, thank you for this clear and helpful information, I’ve recently read ‘You are the Placebo’ and watched some amazing YouTube interviews and testimonials for Joe Dispenza. However, I was left wondering what everyone is doing to get these amazing results and where to start. This information is exactly what I was looking for, much appreciated. 🙂

  20. Thanks so much Julie for your time and effort in helping others understand these meditations🙏 Would you be able to clarify The alchemist meditation for me? I get confused as to what to focus on during the meditation. Am I supposed to focus on connection and change or am I supposed to be sending out my own intention and drawing my future experience back to me? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you💗

  21. Julie… thank you SO MUCH for this overall yet detailed view of Dr. Joe’s meditations. I have been following him for so long and still have yet to find a comfortable groove with a meditation. I know doors will open for me as soon as I can commit to at least one. But not knowing which one was which, and having Dr. Joe’s voice delivery give me pause for hesitation at times, I think I scared myself into just not starting yet. But you have freed me and I look forward to this next phase because of what you have shared! Thank you so much, Julie.

  22. Thank you Julie, I’ve been practicing meditation from the book Changing the habit of being yourself since July,2022 and now I still struggle to imagin myself in part 4 and don’t see much changes. I wonder if I did it wrong, eventhough I know it’s hard and takes time. Your explanation is clrear, precise. You show what I should expect. Thank you so much!

  23. Thanks for this! What order of the meditations does Dr. Joe recommend? Do you happen to know what meditations he does daily? How many hours he dedicated/recommends?

  24. This is the most comprehensive breakdown I have been able to find. Thank you for taking the time to put this post together! According to what you have listed, it looks like Changing Beliefs & Perceptions has the most breathwork (12 min. vs 7 min.).
    Do you know how long the breathing segments are for BOTEC 1 & 2?
    I’m healing through a lifetime of repressed emotions and memories, and I feel like that type of breathwork will be the most beneficial next step. Am I correct to look specifically and exclusively at the BOTEC meditation/s?
    Thanks again!

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I shared my journey since day 1 and built a loving community on instagram. It helped me a lot in my healing journey, and I met wonderful healing warriors that became very good friends. Don’t underestimate the power of community when healing, it can be of great help and support.

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Envol is the wellness app that Tim and I have created to help you recharge and thrive. The app helps you create the right conditions in your life so you can feel better each day!

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