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Julie’s floxed protocol

If you or someone you know have been injured by the take of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, like I have, – then this post if for you.

Fluoroquinolones are some of the world’s most prescribed antibiotics, with a total of 32 million prescriptions in the US in 2015. These heavily used antibiotics are so commonly prescribed because they are very effective at killing microbes – yet, for some people, they come with a dark side: they can harm human cells and lead to severe, long lasting side effects.

In 2015, I took 14 pills of cipro, and as a result, I ended up in wheelchair for 4 years, unable to walk. It took me 5 years to find out that my symptoms were due to a fluoroquinolone poisoning. I wrote a detailed blog post about my experience here

Thanks to the help of a naturopath who made the link with my symptoms (I’ll be FOREVER grateful, thank you Adam Nour, a French naturopath specialized in chronic lyme disease), and many many manyyyy hours researching the topic of fluoroquinolone toxicity, I’ve designed a protocol to free myself from the horrendous side effects of cipro. 

A protocol that I am sharing below with you guys – in the hope that it helps you too. 

Julieshealing floxed protocol

I have made progress in the 5 years prior to this protocol, as I focused on some of the elements mentioned below – but it’s truly when I started to implement this whole protocol that I noticed enormous improvements in my health and muscles.

Don’t hesitate to comment and share your experiences as well – that’s how we all learn and get better. I will do my best to keep this post up to date. 

Any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

Psss: I’ve added anchor links everywhere in this article for easy reference. 

1. Detox fluorine particles from tissues
🠒 Magnesium

If you’ve been floxed, taking Magnesium is THE number 1 modality you can start implementing to improve your health.

It’s THAT important. 


Because quinolone antibiotics and corticosteroid (prednisone, for ex) deplete magnesium in the body. Magnesium neutralizes fluoroquinolones – in fact, you cannot take magnesium and fluoroquinolones at the same time, or else the antibiotics won’t work!

Magnesium also helps fight oxidative stress, prevents cells to be filled with calcium (can lead to muscle soreness and tendon rupture), and helps the adrenal glands who produce hormones and manage stress.

The best way to ensure that you saturate your cells with magnesium is by taking 3 different ways: orally, transdermal and in baths. 

Here are the products I’ve tried and that helped a lot:

Remag oral magnesium (it tastes horrendous, but it works)

Ancient minerals magnesium oil (apply on skin 20 min before showering and rinse. You might get itchy from this, some people say it shows a magnesium deficiency)

Ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes  (magnesium chloride seems to be more efficient in bath than epsom salts – which are magnesium sulfate. You can also get the ultra one that contains MSM flakes for extra muscle relaxation)

Ensuring that you are consuming magnesium via each of these 3 ways as much as possible will help tremendously with floxed symptoms. 

🠒 Boron and borax baths

Boron can be used to remove accumulated fluoride and heavy metals from the body. Boron is essential in maintaining the correct levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the body. 

Some symptoms of Boron deficiency are arthritis, brittle bones, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative joint disease, hormonal imbalance, loss of libido, memory loss, muscle pain, osteoporosis, receding gum, and weak joint cartilage. Boron deficiency causes greatly increased amounts of calcium and magnesium to be lost with the urine. 

And in the case of fluoroquinolone toxicity, we’ve seen that magnesium is the first weapon to get our health back. Supplementing in Boron can be a powerful tool to increase magnesium absorption and make sure you’re not just flushing it out in the toilets.

Boron can be found in various foods, but the use of chemical fertilizers sadly deplete minerals from the soil making thus our food less nutritious. This is why supplementation can come in handy. 

Chemical fertilizers inhibit the uptake of Boron from the soil. An organic apple grown in rich soil may have 20 mg Boron, but if grown with fertilizer it may have only 1 mg of Boron. The average intake of Boron in developed countries is only 1-2 mg of Boron per day. This creates health problems due to Boron deficiency which is now very common, but very few of us know about it.
Another great way to supplement in Boron is to do a detox bath (or foot bath) with borax and magnesium flakes in it. There would be a lot more to say about Boron – but to stay within the topic of fluoroquinolone toxicity, I’ll stop here. I’ll leave you with a message I got on my instagram with the first person introducing me to Boron, who had great results:
boron testimony

Here are my favorite products:

Life Extension Boron 3mg & B2

Angstrom Minerals Liquid boron 
Pure Organic Borax powder for detox baths

Last note on boron: start slow! It looks like nothing but it created BIG detox symptoms for me. The recommended dose per day seems to be around 3mg – 6 mg. Never exceed 20mg. 

🠒 Mundipur

Very deep acting tonic, described as a tissue de-clogger. 

Mundipur promotes general excretion of toxic waste products from the tissues, and helps overcome toxic blockages that can lead to weakness and pain in the limbs. It also addresses rheumatic symptoms such as stiffness, neuralgia and muscular spasms. Helps to improve the metabolism and stimulate elimination of waste products.

On the bottle it states to take 75 drops per day, but I would faint if I had that much. I am now at a max of 5 drops per day and that’s good enough for now. Mundipur is VERY STRONG and you should build your way up slowly.

Start with 1 drop a day under your tongue on a clean mouth (meaning, away from juices or food at least for 15 min). Wait another 15 min until you eat something.

🠒 Derivative baths

I’ve dedicated a whole blog post for these, you can find it on this Derivative bath blog post

Derivate baths are an ancient technique which consists of refreshing the perineum to help the motility of the intestines, the fascia, and all membranes which all our organs and muscles are covered with.

They help bring all the accumulation of toxic by-products and foreign substances out of the body towards the intestine to drive them towards the eliminatory channels.

Derivative baths are an amazing (and free) tool to reduce inflammation in the body, and can be applicable for nearly everyone who wants to improve their health.

In the case of fluoroquinolone toxicity, they are particularly applicable to detox fluorine out of the tissues and out of the body.

There are 2 ways to practice Derivative Baths:

• Using fresh water and pouring it slowly down the perineum area for 10 min, 3 times a day, ideally done on a toilet
• Placing a frozen pouch on the perineum and wearing it during the day.

My tip: start easy. This technique is powerful. I wore the cold pouch only 30 min the first day, and for 48hrs my belly bloated like never before (which seems to be a common reaction at the beginning, indicating that it’s working). The first week, I could barely walk and I was super depressed. So…start easy and build your way up slowly. You don’t want to be awakening too many toxins at once. 

🠒Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an imperative component for the health of nerves and muscles. The symptoms of chronic vitamin E deficiency look very much like the muscle pain, weakness, fatigue and neurologic problems of people who have been floxed with a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

Exercise causes the muscle cell powerhouse, the mitochondria, to burn a lot more oxygen than normal and so produce more free radicals while the physical force tears the membrane. Vitamin E enables adequate plasma membrane repair despite the oxidant challenge, helping keep the situation in check.

Supplementing in vitamin E is amazing for multiple reasons. In the case of fluoroquinolone toxicity, in which patients experience muscle wasting, vitamin E can help protect muscles, build stronger muscles and avoid muscle cramping. 

All selected patients received vit. E at a dose of 400 international units daily for 12 weeks, and the number of attacks of muscle cramps was recorded. The frequency of muscle cramps decreased significantly during vit. E therapy, and, at the end of the trial, vit. E led to cramp reductions of 68.3%.
Vitamin E has been well studies in relationship to fluoroquinolone toxicity. Low levels of both Vitamin E and Magnesium have been found in the damaged tendon cells of those affected with fluoroquinolone toxicity.
Supplementation with magnesium and vitamin E alone or in combination may relevantly diminish joint cartilage lesions induced by quinolones

Vitamin E has been well studies in relationship to fluoroquinolone toxicity. Low levels of both Vitamin E and Magnesium have been found in the damaged tendon cells of those affected with fluoroquinolone toxicity.

When I first started supplementing with vitamin E, I had a strong detox reaction. I felt my brain pulling out toxins, and I had very agitated dreams / light hallucinations. That’s a common detox symptom for me. 

Along with magnesium and boron, vitamin E is a powerful tool to fight against fluoroquinolone toxicity. 

Here are my favorite vit E products (you want to look for natural vitamin E in the form of mixed tocopherols. Avoid the synthetic ones!)

Mito life vitamin E PUFA protect (you can use the discount code JULIE15) 

Throne Ultimate E (you can also get it from iHerb)

2. Enhance detox pathways

The best thing you can do while doing this detox is to help your body get rid of the toxicity that you will be stirring up while doing this protocol.

Here are the best ways in which you can assist your body to detoxify better / faster (and thus, alleviating uncomfortable detox symptoms):

– Dry brushing your skin before showering (stimulates the lymphatic system)
– Hot / cold showers (stimulates blood flow)
– Deep breathing
– Relaxing and switching to rest mode (you can detox well if you’re stressed! My app Envol can help you a lot here. I make sure I reach a score of at least 70 everyday when detoxing)

– The Derivative bath technique (mentioned earlier) 

– Take binders (Clay, charcoal, zeolite, GI broom…. find here more info about binders)

– Enemas 

– Massage / lymphatic massages 

3. Remineralize
🠒Diet & Herbs

Proper nutrition affects nerve health. A diet rich in whole, organic, unprocessed foods will help bring the nutrients your body needs to repair and build healthy tissues.

All the conservatives, preservatives, chemicals contained on conventional and junk foods will pose an extra burden on your body who will try to detox those compounds as soon as possible. Since we are dealing with fluoroquinolone toxicity and that we have enough toxicity to detox, it is wise to not add any on top of that and make sure to eat a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods.

That means focusing on ripe, organic and seasonal fruits, vegetables (roots and leafy greens), healthy fats (avocados, olives, coconut oil, ghee), sprouted seeds and microgreens, and organic local animal products if they’re a part of your diet.

Adding to your protocol remineralizing herbs in the form of warm infusions or tinctures can also be very helpful. Here are my favorite herbs, that I mix together and drink during the day in a warm cup:

– Nettle (also very high in magnesium, it’s a win-win) 

– Rosemary (helps oxygenate muscles)

–  Oatstraw 

– Horsetail 

–  Solomon’s seal (strengthens the musculoskeletal system) 

– Burbur Pinella 

🠒Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient for the nervous system. Called “Activator X” by Dr. Weston Price, Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin that supports healthy dental, bone, heart, nerve and brain health. It also supports healthy aging and energy production in the cell. 

One of the primary roles of Vitamin K2 is to regulate calcium and guide it out of soft tissues like arteries to bones and teeth, where it should be. That is where it becomes very interesting to add a vitamin K2 supplement to your protocol when fighting fluoroquinolone toxicity: to remove calcium deposits from the cells and release it back where it normally belongs: our bones and teeth. 

Here are my favorite K2 products:

Mitolife Purely K (coupon code JULIE15)

Thorne 3K complete 


We could write a whole book on the benefits of sunlight on human health, but I’ll keep it short here: making sure that we are exposing our skin to sufficient sunlight during the day, thus creating Vitamin D, is essential for our health. 

Vitamin D acts at different levels and is best known for its role in the process of remineralization. Vitamin D makes it possible to fix phosphorus and calcium, both necessary for the growth and resistance of bones and teeth.

Vitamin D and its receptor are also important for normal skeletal muscle development and in optimizing muscle strength and performance (study here)

Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system, maintain a normal neuromuscular system and reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

4. Increase mitochondria health

Vitamin B3 is a nutrient critical for proper mitochondrial energy production and basic metabolic processes.

It has been demonstrated to give power to diseased mitochondria in animal studies by increasing intracellular levels of NAD+, the important cofactor required for the cellular energy metabolism.

Niacinamide is a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and is involved in a multitude of intra- and inter-cellular processes, which regulate some of the cell’s metabolic, stress, and immune responses to physiological or pathological signals.

Why it is interesting for us:

– increases mitochondrial energy production

– protects nerves

– inhibits nitric oxide

– neuroprotective

– acts as an antioxidant

Here is my favorite B3 product:

Mitolife NAD power  (coupon code JULIE15)


Shilajit is a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants. 

Shilajit contains fulvic acid and more than 84 minerals. it can function as an antioxidant to improve your body’s immunity and memory, an anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid form your body.

Shilajit is unique in being a strong detoxifier yet an incredible builder of muscle and tissues. Due to its collagen boosting properties, shilajit can also maintain healthy joints. 

Shilajit also attenuates behavioral symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, as shown in this study conducted on rats.

My favorite shilajit that has a great quality / price ratio is this one: 

Pure Himalayan Shilajit (use coupon code JULIE15) 

🠒Fresh pomegranate juice

Fresh pomegranate juice is an amazing way to increase muscle recovery and build strength in a natural way – while optimizing the energy centrals of our cells, the mitochondria.

Pomegranate juice is SO powerful that I notice immediate benefits on my muscle recovery after 20 min of drinking the juice of 2 pomegranates. Check out this article I wrote on the benefits of pomegranate juice.

🠒Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is an amazing way to boost our cellular function. It can help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and enhance the performance of energy-making mitochondria in the cell. Red light therapy can increase the number of mitochondria, and also boost their function in the cell (study link). 

I won’t go into more details here about how Red Light Therapy works and its amazing benefits for human health, as it would be too lengthy for here – but you can check out these resources packed with info: How Red Light Therapy supports cellular function and ATP production, and Ari Whitten’s book on Red Light Therapy (SUCH an interesting read). 

I have spent a lot of time checking out the best devices on the market (some brands are all about marketing so you pay more for that). My findings were also in light with Ari Whitten’s recommendations in his book. After more than 1 year with this device, I am so happy I made the investment. My whole family uses it, for difference purposes: skin healing, weight loss, energy, recovery after exercise, knee injury… Red light therapy is an amazing healing tool to have at home, if you can afford it. But if you can’t: don’t worry. This protocol doesn’t have to be expensive. Resting, visualizating yourself healed and loading up on magnesium are inexpensive and will do a great job to help you recover from your fluoroquinolone poisoning. 

Here is my favorite Red Light device and brand:

RedRush 720 ULTRA Body Light (660nm RED & 850nm NIR Combo)  (Promo code JULIE25) 

🠒Cellcore Mito ATP

I’ve heard a lot about this brand but I haven’t experienced it myself yet. I am including it here to ensure this article present you with most options on the market today. I’ll come here and update this part if I try it and see some benefits.

Where to buy


PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), also called methoxatin, is a vitamin-like compound that exists naturally in soil and a variety of foods, including spinach, kiwi, soybeans, and human breastmilk.

PQQ is renowned for its potent antioxidant effects. It is involved in a variety of cellular processes, including protecting nerve cells against damage, and supporting proper mitochondrial function as well as the cellular development of new mitochondria.. (study link 1study link 2)

Here is a good product, combined with CoQ10 for extra ATP production:
Premier Labs PQQ with CoQ10

Another good product :

Life Extension Coq10 with PQQ and shilalit  

5. Switch to rest mode

We live in a modern environment where we are constantly bombarded with stimuli of all sorts. Notifications on our phone, TV, mails, internet, social media, whatsapps, the bell ringing, the dog barking, someone talking to us, listening to a podcast and trying to handle the kids.

It’s honestly a miracle that we are still able to process things with all the tasks we are asking our brain to do on a daily basis.

But news flash: detoxification takes energy. And if that energy is spent on the million things you’re trying to do in a day, then you are considerably lowering the efficiency of your detox processes and keeping all these toxins you’re desperately trying to get rid off.

It’s MAJOR to switch on to rest mode as much as we can. That include moment during the day when we completely switch off electronics and give our brain a break (and no, that doesn’t mean watching Netflix!)

Things you can do to switch on to rest mode:

– do restorative yoga or gentle stretching
– do gentle breathing exercises
– mediate
– practice humming (activates the vagus nerve)
– hug someone
– take a nap
– relax in the sun
– sit next to a tree

Envol app can also help you accessing that resting healing mode.

6. Visualize yourself healed

People who have been injured by fluoroquinolone antibiotics are victims. It’s important to say it, and to acknowledge it. 

It’s important that our friends and family know what happened to us, so that they know that our pain and symptoms were real, and maybe they can in turn save someone else’s life.

However, staying in a victim role longer than necessary can actually delay our recovery and keep us in the loop of chronic illness with daily pain, resentment, anger and frustration.

Those feelings have been proven to lower our immune system and be detrimental to our health.

A huge practice that has been proven effective is to use the power of gratitude and visualization on your healing journey. The app Envol offers a toolbox with visualization music and meditations to help people visualize who they want to be / become, and come out of the victim role that is no longer suited for them and they are healing their body. 

Joe Dispenza’s meditations are also a great way to get started and visualize your ideal future and healed self.

This practice has been, by far, the most impactful in my recovery and mental well-being.


The crucial part of this protocol is to detox the accumulated fluorine in the tissues and help the body expel them. Magnesium is the first weapon against fluoroquinolone toxicity and should be present in all floxed protocols. Then you can introduce the different methods listed in this article to detox fluorine from your tissues. Bare in mind that you won’t probably be able to do all of them at once, as it will be way too powerful at first. Pick one, and start slow. Once you are feeling comfortable, introduce another detox method and so on. 

Remineralizing through diet, herbs, k2, sunlight, resting, and supporting your detox pathways will help lessen any side effects you might experience when stirring up all these toxins with the first methods. Proper nutrition through a clean, nutrient dense and organic diet will help restore proper nerve and muscle health. 

Visualizing yourself healed and supporting your mitochondria health will help fuel your body with a new energy and lead you to exciting perspectives and opportunities – where you no longer identity as a victim, but rather, as an empowered being with full control over their health and well-being. 

And finally, don’t forget that the most important part of this protocol is to welcome true rest in your daily life. Make sure that you are prioritizing restorative sleep every single night, and that you are making time for mental rest during the day. It is only in a parasympathetic state that our body can properly detox, soothe our nervous system and truly heal. 

Please note that this protocol is based on my own research. Read healing testimonies, do your own research and start slow with the sups and see how your body reacts. I wanted to list all the methods I’ve personally experienced, came across and heard from others, but you don’t have to follow every single step to heal from fluoroquinolone toxicity. Just pick whatever feels right for you, and get started. And if you’re lucky, talk about it with a licensed health practitioner who has experienced in this field. 

This protocol has helped me tremendously in improving my symptoms.

Best of luck on your journey – healing is right at your fingertips 🙂 the first step is believing that you will heal. 

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts / experiences in the comments below. 

Take care my wellness warriors friends, I love you dearly,


Julie healing (5)


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30 Comments on “Julie’s floxed protocol

  1. Hey Julie its great to see your getting your life back.I’m come from Germany I’m 33 years old and I had cipro for an uti.I’m in month 14 and my health declined.I was a mixed martial arts trainer and now I’m disabled.
    I lose all my hope because my health state declined from month to month.
    I will try your protocol and hope I get my life back because at the moment it is a Desk place:(

  2. Thank you so much Julie for sharing with all of us, floxed victims!!! We are really appreciate and grateful for all your work you have done and all your support with such valuable information for detox from CIPRO toxicity!! . Thank you so much for your protocol, I will incorporate it to my life and hope in 6 months I will be able to walk stairs, hike, and stand for many hours without any muscle pain!!! TATYANA.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all this! It’s wonderful to see you making so much progress 😊♥️. I was floxed twice. The first time I took the same dose of Cipro as you but because this was 18 years ago, no one connected my new health issues back to Cipro. While I had chronic health issues, I thankfully remained functional for 7 years until I was unfortunately prescribed Avelox for a sore throat that turned out to be viral 🤬. After 3 pills, I was convulsing (never convulsed before in my life) and barely able to breathe, as my entire body felt like I was being burned alive. I was left mostly bedridden for years and often used a transport chair to get around when I was well enough to go out (which was rare). Through trial and error, I’ve made some progress but due to chronic insomnia, that started after the second pill of Avelox (never had any trouble sleeping prior to this), progress has been limited. You can’t fully heal without much sleep. I’m leaving this comment here in hopes that someone also experienced this and found a way to finally sleep again. It’s been a long, traumatic ride and I feel like I’ve tried it all, however I always maintain hope and believe that I will heal. Thank you again for sharing your healing journey and for truly wanting us all to heal ♥️🙏.

    1. Hi Christina, thank you for sharing your story with us. When I don’t sleep I can’t function so I can’t even imagine what chronic insomnia must be like. Hopefully the ‘Deep sleep’ meditation from my app Envol can bring you some relief. I also have a dear friend, Estelle Sovanna (@estellesovanna), who suffered from chronic insomnia due to Roaccutane’s side effects. At one point she didn’t sleep for a whole week and doctors were very concerned. What saved her was a liver flush with oil. You may want to reach out to her on insta to know more… I know after that she was able to sleep again. I’ve heard similar testimonies on this. I still don’t know what my opinion on oil flushes is, but maybe worth investigating. best of luck!

  4. Thank you so much for your reply and your suggestions 😊♥️. I will definitely look into both and will follow Estelle as well. I too have gone a week with maybe only a total of 6 to 8 hours of sleep in that entire time period. We didn’t think I was going to make it. It’s so crazy how these drugs can destroy our sleep but I’m hopeful hearing that she was able to sleep again 🙌.

  5. Thank you so much for your reply and suggestions 😊❤. I will look into both of them and will follow Estelle. I too have gone a week with maybe only 6 to 8 hours of sleep total in that entire time period. We didn’t think I was going to make it. It’s crazy how these drugs can destroy our sleep but it gives me hope that your friend was able to find a solution. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much Julie! I am going to try your protocol. I took both Cipro and Levofloxacin for sinus infections. The sinus infections kept coming back and the antibiotics made it worse. I had no energy (basically slept all day), bad digestion, severe anxiety and stress, migraines, muscle pain, etc. I got tested for Lymes which came back positive, and I did all-natural treatment for Lymes and feel about 80% better, but I feel likeI was floxed. All my doctors ignore me when I tell them that and tell me its Lymes since I tested positive (but I lived in a desert with no ticks for 5 months before I even started to get super sick and antibiotics made it worse). I never felt that many die-off symptoms with my Lyme treatments, and don’t score high on the Lymes questionnaire. I wonder if I was floxed and if the natural Lyme treatment helped since there are similar protocols like magnesium and diet change. I am going to try your flox protocol and see what happens as I truly believe I was floxed.

    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for sharing your story! I also tested weakly positive for Lyme, although I believe that all my problems came from cipro. Interesting that the lyme protocol made you feel better. Start slow on the floxed protocol, it’s strong! If you have a naturopathic doctor who can guide you, even better. Let me know how it goes xx Julie

  7. Hello Julie. I am a 32 year old former athlete and world traveler on month 10 of this journey. I recently had tendon reconstruction surgery in my left ankle – my case was rather severe, as Cipro just ripped my tendons to shreds. There was no mystery with normal imaging as is the case with so many floxies. It was all there on imaging and the surgeon couldn’t believe what he saw inside my body. Surgery went okay but I am 6 weeks out and still on crutches/wheelchair. I likely need to have my ankle other fixed tooo. I cannot shake the depression and rage. Rage that this poison is still on the market, the doctors continue to get away with this, and the FDA does nothing. I don’t want to live in a world where “medicine” actually means making healthy people sick and then discarding them like roadkill. If and when I recover, I am going to start a nonprofit that takes a more aggressive approach to getting laws changed around these drugs and holding Bayer, as well as negligent doctors and pharmacists accountable. I feel the leaders of the resources out there currently are far too polite about this. You spent 4 years in a wheelchair and made it through? You are a hero to many. I have had thoughts that if I cannot travel again in the next few years, then I’d almost rather not live. Recovery is mostly an all or nothing proposition for me. I don’t have a lot of floxies to talk to. So if you ever care to chat, it would mean a lot to me. My email is attached to this comment. All the best

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your message – I am sorry this happened to you. I truly understand your rage and sadness that this is the world we live in. I went to so many doctors who made me believe that it was stress and my overachieving personality who did this to me. For years I went to therapy to be able to get out of my wheelchair. Only to find out that all my symptoms came from a few pills of cipro years later. No excuse from doctors or any lab, nothing, no responsibility taken. It’s heart breaking. Let me know if you try this protocol and if it helps you. Best of luck on your journey back to health <3

    2. How are you doing now? I hope you’ve improved, I was recently floxed and will be trying this protocol soon.

  8. Hi Julie thank you for taking the time to share your protocol!
    I am not exactly sure what made me become so unwell. I’ve tried to figure out if I ever had Cipro but I think I would need to get all of my medical records to know for sure. But anyway, I’ve had ALOT of other antibiotics, that’s for sure. I got really unwell after having a tooth infection which I took antibiotics for. The tooth also had Mercury so perhaps it was the heavy metal poisoning. I have been doing strict MM and the daily HMDS but still I am not recovering. This is what lead me to your protocol! Interestingly, my hair tissue mineral analysis has been consistently showing for the past three years that my calcium level is off the chart and that my sodium is severely diminished and all of my mineral ratios are completely out of whack. I’ve been doing no salt on MM. I have decided to start consuming sea salt again and I will use the same brand of sea water you are using!
    My heart rate variability is extremely poor in the red zone usually seen for major diseases.
    I am going to give this protocol a try and I will let you know what happens.
    I have an infrared sauna at home but I feel extremely unwell when using it so I think I will try that again when I feel ready.
    Do you think this protocol can help to detoxify other chemicals/toxicities other than fluorine?
    Thanks again!

  9. Thank you for your detailed protocol. I am looking forward to implementing these things, as I already knew about their health benefits, and improving my health. I was just floxed three weeks ago and I’m hoping to prevent further damage and reverse what has already been done.

    1. I would immediately find a naturopathic/holistic or functional medicine doctor asap.
      or a respectable Anti-Aging Dr (w/experience in treating floxed people) with IV therapy – but its very expensive
      I’m seeing a functional medicine doctor from Parsley Health and they are nation wide – ask for a dr with experience, they do not offer IV treatment
      my doctor I like but is getting her experience from my case and she is no longer accepting new patients but there are plenty of others
      good luck!

  10. Dear Julie, Thank you for sharing your story and your protocol to recovery! You look beautiful and you are a true beacon of hope!
    I was floxed from Cipro on November 2020, still recovering and unfortunately like you I was on prednisone for one month which makes things worse . . .

    Approx a year later I am getting neuropathy in both my feet & ankles (tingling, burning & pain very frightening) I will be getting MRIs this week to get answers . . .
    Did you also suffer from neuropathy along with tendinopathy? If so can you please share the treatments and supplements which alleviated your neuropathy?

    Iv’e read magnesium chloride (topical spray) can relieve neuropathy & tendinopathy pain. I bought Ancient Minerals Magnesium flakes to soak my feet each night in warm water for 20 mins. and EASE magnesium spray (alittle gentler on the skin as it is 1:1 ratio mag. to water) haven’t tried it yet

    I also have nerve & tendon pain in my elbows. Cipro takes the magnesium out of our cells which damages tissues. it does a host of many damaging things

    Your baths look interesting (1st time hearing of this) are they designed to detoxify? supps look interesting I will read more closely
    I’m currently seeing functional medicine doctor at Parsley Health, she has no experience but she consults with her colleague . . . nothing about baths

    Functional Med protocol so far:
    Apex Trizomal Glutathione first week: 2.5 ml 1x a day, 2nd week: 5 ml – 2x a day – empty stomach
    NAC 2x a day – empty stomach
    Acetyl L-Carnitine, 2 caps a day , 2x a day – empty stomach

    Alpha Lipoid Acid 1 cap , 2x a day – with meals
    Ubiquinol 1x a day – with or w/o meal
    Solgar Glucosamine chondroitin MSM hyaluronic acid – 3x a day with meals
    antioxidants Organic berry powder – 1x a day
    magnesium glycinate capsules 3 x (or so) day

    I have the added complication of not having a thyroid (so I must be careful with timing of my supps)

    I terribly miss my 5 mile or more walk each day and hiking . . . I’m reduced to doing local errands and limited joy walks in my neighborhood – I pray I will heal as you and many floxed people have :)))

    All of this suffering and so far haven’t found a lawyer for compensation
    Thank you for creating your blog to help so many of us
    Stay well!

  11. PS: I read a number of floxed people found relief from IV nutrition therapy and similar supps you’ve mentioned and I mentioned, but its terribly expensive. I’m doing the liposomal glutathione etc for now . . . Did you get IV therapy?
    Not sure if I need IV treatment if I’m getting neuropathy

    Adding to the list:
    Fish oil – Carlsons
    CurCum-Evail (Curcumin) Designs for Health – 3x a day with meals
    Amy Myers Probiotics 100 billion (each person needs to check w/their doctor)
    Saccromyces Boulardi probiotics (each person needs to check w/their doctor)

    thx again! Diane

  12. Dear Julie.
    Thank you for sharing your tips!!
    I don’t know if I’m also poisoned by it because I took the antibiotic 20 years ago and now have chronic fatigue syndrome. but about 20 years ago I got pain in the airways on the larynx and shortness of breath for the first time after alcohol. that’s not typical for this poisoning, is it? now after 20 years I have this exhaustion and permanent burning in the respiratory tract etc. but I have had a lot of psychological problems and my mitochondria are damaged and mercury poisoning and stress for the last 10 years. do you think i have it or not? I wanted to ask you which dietary supplement you should not take in this case and whether you eat according to Anthony William? Greetings from Munich

    1. Hi Marie,
      I can’t offer you a diagnosis as I am not a doctor, but what I can tell you is that working on improving your mitochondria function and working on your energy levels will for sure improve your chronic fatigue syndrome. Good luck <3

  13. Oh… je te suis depuis un moment parce que j’essaie de gérér mon Crohn naturellement:
    Chaque fois qu’on me prescrit un antibio, je pense à ton histoire et j’essaie de voir si il fait partie de cette famille là…
    Ca a pas loupé… je prends actuellement du Lévofloxacine associé à du Solupred pour une mega sinusite/otite…
    J’espère ne rien avoir… Tu pense qu’il est préférable de faire une cure de magnésium une fois le traitement terminé ?

  14. Took one pill of moxifloxican yesterday and already started to feel weird what could I take that can stop the process

  15. Dear Julie, I suffer from jonts stiffness and digestive issues, could you please tell me if you had any digestive problems? Have you been eating any oats?

    1. Hi Sara, I had severe digestive problems for 15 years! They’re all healed now. I don’t eat oats, no. I believe a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods is key

  16. Hi Julie, I was wondering how many mg of Magnesium glycinate were/are you taking? What does qualify as a megadose?

  17. Bonjour Julie
    Un grand merci pour ces précieux partages !
    J’ai commandé la lumière rouge, j’ai hâte de la recevoir. Aussi, je voulais savoir à quelle fréquence tu l’utilisais stp ? Et combien de temps dois t-on s’exposer ? Faut-il se protéger les yeux durant l’exposition ?
    Je te remercie par avance pour ton temps
    Très belle journée

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I shared my journey since day 1 and built a loving community on instagram. It helped me a lot in my healing journey, and I met wonderful healing warriors that became very good friends. Don’t underestimate the power of community when healing, it can be of great help and support.

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