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Why Toxin Binders Are Essential For Healing

Did you start your healing journey using a therapeutic diet and a targeted detoxification protocol,  in order to heal chronic symptoms and regain your health?

If you have, that’s amazing!

You can be proud of yourself for taking the first steps towards a symptom free life, great energy and vibrant health. 

But if you’re on a detox protocol, chances are that you have started awakening a lot of toxins in your body – and for some of you this phase might feel very uncomfortable, with old symptoms resurfacing and possibly skin issues worsening.  

And that can be very frustrating, especially when we are working so hard to heal ourselves and yet it seems like we are getting worse. 

So what is happening?

Well chances are, that you are not eliminating these toxins properly

See, health doesn’t only come from what you put inside of you – bur rather, what you successfully ELIMINATE

I was having a conversation about how important this topic is with my good friend Amy Southorn the other day, and her knowledge about binders was so impressive that I asked her if she was willing to write an article for my blog about binders – and she agreed. 

Thank you so much Amy for sharing your knowledge with us and everything you’ve learned along the way, as a wellness warrior yourself. 

You may be awakening toxins, but are you releasing them?

It is 2019 and our bodies are being exposed to toxins like never before.

We are being exposed every single day. Our bodies have not evolved to deal with these toxins and they are crying out for assistance. 

We need to break the cycle of the enterohepatic recirculation of toxins. Enterohepatic circulation is a crucial system of the body that governs the progression of bile from the liver, through the gallbladder, into the small intestine and back again. 

95% of bile (with accompanying toxins released from the liver and gallbladder into the small intestine) is recirculated. Unless there are specific insoluble fibres and binders present in the gastrointestinal tract, these toxins will be reabsorbed by the hepatic portal vein and continue to put a massive strain on the liver, kidneys and the body as a whole. (This is where a higher insoluble fibre diet in itself is incredibly helpful, but unfortunately, many of these modern day toxins we are exposed to are not so easy to bind and need to be specifically targeted). 

Source: Mayo Clinic 


So that’s where you come into play.

By assisting your body and giving it the best tools it needs to safely expel these toxins out of your body so you can finally heal and move on with your life.


So what are these tools?

Drum roll….

They’re binders. 

What are binders?

Binders help to carry these toxins out of us safely instead of being recirculated in our system indefinitely. Yes, many of the most toxic compounds we are exposed to are stored in the liver and recirculate in our systems until they can be properly eliminated.

Our bodies can only deal with so much at a time. As these toxins accumulate our bodies also protect us by storing them in tissues and fat cells.

Toxicity can typically lead to weight gain and severe lymphatic stagnation. Our bodies are ALWAYS working for us and want to protect us by storing toxins away from vital organs. Weight gain? Look to your environment.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, it is highly likely you were born with generational toxins passed down in utero. 

Then over your lifetime you have accumulated toxins from our food supply (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides), heavy metals from industry, agriculture and amalgam fillings, toxic mould, chemicals from chemical laden skin care, make up, nail polish, deodorant, cleaning products, VOCs and formaldehyde from paint, carpets, furniture, clothing and linen, toxins from the air we simply breath every day which will vary greatly in quality depending on where you live, mercury and micro plastics from seafood, plastic, aluminium, endotoxins ~ the list goes on.


Let’s break the cycle together, and finally offer your body a chance to heal.

Binders are an essential part of any detoxification protocol. 

Without them, progress can be very slow as the body attempts to mobilise, bio-transform and eliminate toxins. 


  1. AVOID toxins: switching to natural, toxic free products – here is Julie’s list), eating organic food, avoiding polluted areas…)
  2. MOBILISE* toxins (ie draw deep from tissues and organs): with a personalised detoxification strategy, therapeutic diet and supplementation,
  3. BIND toxins internally: all the info you need is below, keep reading!
  4. RELEASE them ~ bowels, kidneys, sweat and breath.

*There is also the option to add another step once you feel comfortable and that is to further mobilise toxins from tissues and organs with nano zeolite fragments and ALA that cross the blood brain barrier but I am still unsure whether this is completely safe or necessary. The Medical Medium HMDS (heavy metal detox smoothie) may be the best option if used with caution and taken very slowly as cilantro does cross the blood brain barrier also.

My favourite toxin binders, what they bind and how to use them.

Did you know that binders such as activated charcoal have been used for hundreds of years not just in ‘alternative’ medicine but also in emergency medicine for acute toxicity?

It is crucial to source high quality binders from reputable companies that have been tested for purity. This is particularly important when it comes to choosing a zeolite, algae or clay because some are contaminated with the very toxins we want to avoid and detoxify.

Different binders have an affinity for different toxins due to their net charge and various molecular bonds. Many work because their negative charge is attracted to the positive charge of various toxins.

An important factor to be aware of when introducing binders is that they can be constipating. Keeping the bowels moving during detox is of the utmost importance. Elimination pathways need to be open. For those with digestive issues and an intolerance to heavier weight binders it is best to start with the lighter weight binders as they are less obstructive. Always take binders with lots of water so they can move through you without leaving residue.

The best binders (from lighter weight binders to heavier binders)

*Lighter weight binders will be tolerated by those with gut issues or slow gut motility.

*systemic toxin mobiliser and binder, NOT a GI binder

Nano zeolite binds to:

⊗ Heavy metals
⊗ Mycotoxins from mould
⊗ Radioactive materials
⊗ Fluoride
⊗ Viruses
⊗ Some pathogenic bacteria

Nano zeolite sprays are still experimental in my eyes but have been formulated with the intention to detoxify intracellularly and cross the blood brain barrier.

Results RNA have completed independant urine challenge studies that found their nano zeolite increased urinary output of mercury, lead and other toxic metals by +1000%  after just 12 hours of product use. This research is hard to find and this may be because they were recently investigated by the FDA. I will continue to dig for answers.

The zeolite particles in these nano formulas are over a million times smaller than zeolite gastrointestinal (GI tract) binding powders.

The issue is that because they do cross into the cell they can mobilise too many intracellular toxins at once and create a healing crisis which requires GI tract binders to clean up the mess.

Dr Klinghardt also raises concern as to whether they may be carrying toxic aluminium into the cells. All zeolites contain aluminum but it should be balanced by a higher amount of silica to be safe.

Some zeolite companies claim their zeolite fragments are ‘cleansed’ of any attached toxins but I haven’t found any further data to confirm this.

If you would like to try taking nano zeolite I would recommend starting very slow. They certainly have potential but just be aware that some people can react negatively if too many toxins are mobilised from cells at once. The toxins mobilised by the nano zeolite fragments are excreted predominantly through the urine so it is also incredibly important to be supporting the kidneys.

What is the difference between zeolite powders and nano zeolites sprays?

I get asked this question a lot. Zeolite powders bind toxins ONLY in the gastrointestinal tract so they can be safely eliminated. Nano zeolite sprays work systemically and intracellularly and MOBILISE toxins. A GI tract binder is important to take along side a liquid zeolite spray. 

The best brands are: 

~ Results RNA Advanced Cellular Zeolite (Medical Medium recommended)
~ Vitality Detox Drops
~ Advanced TRS

Best brands:

~ Biosil
~ Myers detox

Biosil is a patented activated silica made of Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid (ch-OSA) that binds to aluminum, thallium and tin. It is a clear liquid and very easy to take. There is no risk of GI issues with this.

Another benefit it is that it is wonderful for hair, skin and nail health.

Humic and fulvic acids are made of decomposed plant matter. Humic acids specifically have an affinity for the hard to bind pesticide glyphosate and other environmental chemicals. They also potentially bind other toxins too.

The best brands are: 

~ Restore
~ Morningstar Minerals Humic and Fulvic Concentrate 
~ Vital Earth Mineral Blend Humic and Fulvic 


Microsilica is a proprietary product that consists of highly purified functionalized silica.

Microsilica is a particularly powerful methyl-mercury binder but also binds to cadmium and lead. This binder is typically taken as part of Dr Chris Shade’s PUSH (the gallbladder to dump bile and accompanying toxins into the small intestine using bitter herbs) & CATCH (the toxins with binders) protocol.
As well as his three step approach to mercury detox ~ optimise glutathione status, upregulate N2f2 and bind the excreted toxins.

It is best taken with vitamin C or lemon juice to preserve its antioxidant properties. It is best taken on a empty stomach but can also be taken with food. It is best pulsed 5 days on and 2 days off.

I highly recommend that anyone with confirmed mercury toxicity take this binder as part of an AVOID, MOBILISE, BIND and RELEASE protocol. It is extremely powerful and I’ve personally had amazing results with it.

It is important to take it slow as some people experience detox symptoms initially.

The reason this happens is because when the body is finally given assistance with binders and the gastrointestinal tract has been cleaned up of metals, it finally has the energy and resources to begin ‘clearing house’ in others areas of the body and will systematically begin to detoxify tissues and organs in its own time, like peeling back layers of an onion.

The best brands are:

~ Biopure MicroSilica 
~ Quicksilver Scientific IMD 

Enterosgel is a highly effective binder developed in Russia. It has an affinity for heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and mercury. It is marketed to be used for radiation exposure, food poisoning and diarrhea. It is also effective for binding endotoxins.

Enterosgel has a low affinity for binding to minerals and vitamins unlike many binders. It is still best taken 2 hours prior to eating.

Enterosgel contains ~ 70 percent Polymethylsiloxane & 30 percent purified water.

Get Enterosgel here. 

Chlorella is an algae that has an affinity for heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides and mycotoxins.

Chlorella is also highly nutritious and simultaneously binds and provides the body with a large array of nutrients including vitamins, minerals such as iron and amino acids. Chlorella only binds to toxic substances and not essential minerals making it safe for long term use.

Spirulina has very similar qualities to chlorella.

The best brands are:

~ BioPure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 
~ Sunfood Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 
~ Health Ranger Clean Chlorella 

Zeolite is my favourite binder but only if it is from a reputable source as it can contain too much aluminium. I only recommend particular brands of clinoptilolite zeolite that have been tested for safety and purity. To be effective the zeolite must contain a high silica to aluminum ratio, ideally more than 5 silica to 1 aluminum molecule.

Zeolite is an extremely intelligent binder as it binds only to harmful substances and not essential minerals and nutrients. This makes it safe for consistent and long term use. Zeolite also binds a huge array of toxic compounds including:

⊗ Heavy metals
⊗ Mycotoxins from mould
⊗ Radioactive materials
⊗ Fluoride
⊗ Viruses
⊗ Some pathogenic bacteria
⊗ Histamine
⊗ Ammonia – which is needed for H.Pylori to thrive (Zeolite has been shown to inhibit the growth of h.pylori)

The best brands are:

~ Zeolith MED Zeolite 
~ Toxaprevent capsules 
~ Toxaprevent sachets 
~ Biopure Zeobind 

It is important not use a metal spoon or straw with zeolite as this can change its charge needed to bind to positively charged toxins and make it’s toxin pulling power less effective.

There are many reputable brands of activated charcoal on the market. Activated charcoal is typically made from coconut husks or bamboo. The charcoal is ‘activated’ when holes are created within its structure.

Activated charcoal is best used sporadically for acute poisoning, illness or during a healing crisis. It can also be used in small amounts consistently if spaced well away from food, drink and supplements but it is still important to take a break from it long term and pulse.

Activated charcoal is a broad-spectrum binder so will essentially bind everything in the GI tract but it isn’t a particularly strong heavy metal binder. I wouldn’t rely solely of activated charcoal to bind metals. Activated charcoal excels in its ability to bind toxins derived from urea (the main byproduct of protein digestion) and has been shown to improve kidney function significantly in studies as well as improve liver function. It also binds to many drugs, various chemicals, intestinal gas, mycotoxins, fungus, viruses, bacteria and endotoxins. It is also potentially anti-radiation.

The best brands are:

~ Biogenic Foods Coconut Charcoal
~ Supreme Nutrition Takesumi Supreme 
~ Microbe Formulas 

I also want to mention a new product to the market called Bioactive carbon by Microbe Formulas. I haven’t personally tried it but it does sound promising. My only issue with it is the price. They claim that their carbon binder can not only bind toxins in the gut, but systemically.

‘BioActive Carbon BioTox contains long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons which act in different ways depending on where they are in the system. That’s the key: they get to different areas of the body, working systemically, and not just in the gut.’

Modified citrus pectin is made from the inner white pulp of citrus fruit peels. MCP binds to lead, arsenic and cadmium. It also has immune modulating properties. Modified citrus pectin is considered a gentle binder suitable for long term use.

The downside is many people with gut infections, especially SIBO have issues with this binder. It has the potential to flare some gut infections. If you are sensitive to fibre supplements you may want to avoid this one.

The best brands are:

~ EcoNugenics 
~ Myers Detox CitriCleanse 

Bentonite clay specifically targets mycotoxins from mould, as well as other toxins such an pesticides, herbicides and cyanotoxins. It also binds to microbes in the gastrointestinal tract. It does also have some antimicrobial properties.

The source is very important being a clay. Using a reputable brand is important to avoid a contaminated clay.

It is also important to avoid using metal with clays so their negative charge is not disrupted.

Make sure your clay is mixed well into water so it moves through the digestive system with ease.

Best brands:

~ BioPure Calcium Bentonite
~ Living Clay Calcium Bentonite 

Via Jill Carnahan

The HMDS is designed to both mobilise (draw out) and bind heavy metals.

Anthony William says that the cilantro, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, wild blueberries and dulse draw heavy metals out from hard to reach places such as the brain, spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas and reproductive system, central nervous system and liver.

These foods and supplements both mobilise metals but also bind to them. I have found this smoothie particularly powerful. Many mercury toxic people are sensitive to cilantro so I must warn you to take it very slowly if you try this. It is best to start with a small amount of cilantro taken consistently on a daily basis, rather than sporadically.

I also highly recommend you take zeolite when you are consuming the HMDS. I feel it does mobilise a lot of metals and this may be too much for the body to handle without extra support. This is Medical Medium compliant.

Find the recipe of the HMDS here

I am a huge fan of this formulation by Dr Morse because it contains toxin binders (activated charcoal and bentonite clay) as well as herbs to aid in elimination.

Ingredients: Psyllium Husk Powder, Cascara Sagrada, Bark Plantain Leaf, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Fenugreek Seed, White Oak Bark, Irish Moss, Chickweed Herb, Bayberry Root, Mullein Leaf, Cape Aloe Leaf, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Ginger Root, Aloe Vera Leaf, Cinnamon and Acerola Cherry Powder.

Get Dr Morse GI broom powder here. 

Don’t forget to rotate binders

It is best to rotate binders especially the heavier weight ones such a zeolite powder, bentonite clay and charcoal.

Microsilica is best pulsed. 5 days on, 2 days off.

Some binders such as nano zeolites, chlorella, Biosil and humic and fulvic acids can be taken consistently.

The biggest concern with consistent use of binders such as activated charcoal and clays is that they may bind nutrients. It is crucial to take these binders away from food.

I recommend 1 ~ 2 hours before foods or 3 hours after.

Other binders should be spaced out from food too but half an hour before a meal is usually adequate.

Mineral supplementation

I highly recommend mineral supplementation whilst binding but also for life long maintenance. Some binders may also bind minerals in the GI tract.
Mineral deficiencies are common due to extremely depleted soils and mineral deficient food. The body is more likely to store the heavy metals we are exposed to if we are mineral deficient as they look very similar to essential minerals. Displacing the heavy metals with essential minerals is crucial.

I highly recommend Concentrace drops in purified water as well as fulvic and humic mineral supplementation.

Your use of binders is going to vary greatly depending on what you are treating and whether it is for acute or chronic toxicity. There will be times when more binders are needed when you are chelating heavy metals, diving deep into detox and awakening a lot of toxins or actively killing pathogens. It is wise to rotate binders and experiment with different kinds to see how you respond.

Ultimately they should make you feel better as they take a load off your organs and bodily systems.

Hair mineral analysis test

I also urge you to test for heavy metals using a hair mineral analysis test. Although no heavy heavy metal test is 100% accurate it may give you insight into what metals to target and therefore what binders to focus on. 

My final recommendations and what you should start with

Binders are an essential part of advanced modern day detox. Your choice of binders needs to be individually catered to your unique situation and tolerance.

I know that this can all seem very overwhelming, but regardless of test results or what label your dis-ease has been given, a great place for most people to start is:

  • by taking a safe zeolite GI tract binder (powder) alone
  • or alongside a liquid nano zeolite spray. 

I recommend starting with 1/2 tsp of Zeolith or Zeobind zeolite powder mixed into 500mls of water on an empty stomach, preferably before breakfast. If you choose to also take a nano zeolite spray, follow the specific instructions for the particular brand and start very slowly, I recommend starting with one drop or spray per day. 

I must reiterate here that binders should only be used if elimination pathways are open, particularly the bowels. I also highly recommend them to be utilised in conjunction with a well planned detoxification protocol.

I am a huge fan of the Medical Medium protocols, Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet and Dr Morse’s approach to detoxification.

These therapeutic diets are very similar in that they are plant based, high raw and high fruit.
Fruit and greens are consumed in abundance. This dietary approach in itself mobilises and awakens toxins and impacted fecal matter that can then be bound and then released with the help of enemas and colonics.

You’ve got this!


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you so much Amy for writing such an informative article, I hope that it will help many of you!

Do you guys have experience with binders?

Which one did you find was the most effective for you?

Julie healing (5)


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29 Comments on “Why Toxin Binders Are Essential For Healing

  1. Great info! I will share with my clients. I wondered if you or any of your readers dealing with Lyme disease would be interested in the science behind a liquid zeolite SOLUTION, not a powder or nano suspension. They can only help the gut. The one I am using for my Ph. D. research study, I have been using very successfully in my clinic since 2015, as well. Professional strength for clinical use and there is a consumer strength version for very chemically sensitive individuals. I can send you the patents and information.

  2. Thank you for this post. I myself use Takesumi Supreme but I’m still not really sure on how often to use it. I do find it to be very effective. I have recently started with MM’s heavy metal smoothie but I get very bloated. Not so sure if I am tolerant to all the ingredients. I will look into the other options. But I must ask, what does this mean: “I must reiterate here that binders should only be used if elimination pathways are open, particularly the bowels.“ How do I know?

    1. Hey Frida! It all requires a bit of trial and error. In regards to elimination pathways. Are your bowels moving a few times a day? Are your kidneys filtering? Are you sweating and deep breathing?

    2. Hi Frida, I was having the same issue with heavy metal smoothie from MM protocol. Don’t mix all the ingredients together rather spread them throughout the day. Even MM says That as long as we take them with in a day they still work. Like have banana with spirluna, green juice can have parsley and oranges….

  3. If you suffer from constipation as a symptoms from Lyme and mold, is it safe to use a binder or will it make me more constipated and bloated?

    1. Hey Natasha! I would definitely try to address the constipation first and just begin with the lighter weight binders. Yes charcoal and bentonite can make you more constipated. They won’t make you more bloated though. Are you eating high fruit, high raw, low fat and taking herbs and minerals for the constipation?

    1. We conveniently added links on each of every product, in case they’re not working please let me know?

  4. Merci beaucoup Julie mille merci et pour toi et pour Amy???? Franchement c’est super bien expliqué bravo ???? Ma question est simple j’envie de tester le Zelith (pour Ekin)mais y’a t’il contraindications pour les enfants?

  5. What a great article! Thank you so much for all the information! I used to take zeoltih powder before and it helped me a lot to pull out the toxins. I also used the colon formula in combination with MSM and Aloe forumula from Lifeplus for a month while doing a guided colon cleanse. That worked great too. At the moment I’m trying the GI Broom from Dr. Morse.

  6. When you guys mention “toxins,” does that include strep bacteria and EBV? Or does “toxins” refer to heavy metals or something else? These seem to be my top two pathogens I’m dealing with (chronic acne and adrenal fatigue). Is a gut powder the right channel of elimination for strep and EBV? Or should I be focusing on kidneys or other routes?

    Thank you all for sharing your knowledge! You are so appreciated!


    1. I would love to know about this as well.
      I’m suffering from chronic acne and am wondering if I should start using binders, a lot of the info sounds related to heavy metals. I’ve been doing the HMDS for years now and it never gave me noticeable detox symptoms.
      Wondering, are binders good for pathogenic bacteria? and should you be on a colon cleanse like the GI broom even if you have regular and consistent bowel movements?

      1. That is so great you have being doing the HMDS for so long! The binders are for various chemicals and heavy metals. We are exposed to such a large variety, every day. Yes bentonite and zeolite do bind some pathogens. Also yes it’s important to be moving the bowels with herbs, enemas and colonics.

    2. Hey Lauren. I am referring to toxins listed in the paragraph referring to all the environmental chemicals and heavy metals we are exposed to. This also includes endotoxins from infections. Pathogens themselves aren’t toxins but they release toxins. Definitely focus on kidney filtration but use GI binders to assist your major organs.

  7. Merci! Thank you very much for sharing all of this! My skin got very sensitive and I have rusches on my skin time to time. At the first place I saw I got bitten by something but then it didn’t stop to grow. It was in the summer when I did 99% raw diet.
    I am drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, sellery after it, and then smoothy with spirulina. When to take one of the binders? Before the lemon water or later in the day?
    I have Dentonit Clay Powder (I think it was this) but couldn’t drink it… Maybe capsules will work better…

  8. I am blown away by how well written and informative this article is. I am going to have to read it a few times to get all the information in but it gives me so much hope and I seriously needed that today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      1. Hey Amy,

        Just read your article again and every time I do I see something that speaks to me in that moment. Today it is that I am seriously thinking about adding the TRS spray to my regime. Thanks so much again!

  9. Hi I’m doing the MM HMDS and kit feeling too much detox symptoms. I took charcoal for months as well as zeolite. Nothing seemed to take my symptoms away. Following MM protocol more now. Celery juice and hmds everyday. Should I be feeling something?

  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on detox! What binder do you recommend for copper detox? I’m currently using spirulina, before I used clay. Though I do forget it some days.

    1. Hello Annika! As far as I am aware the number one factor in lowering copper is optimising zinc to balance copper. But any binder that binds metals will bind copper ie ~ zeolite.

  11. Hi Amy and Julie! thanks so much for this. I just bought zeolite powder (brand: MED). I read that one should use them maximum one month and then swap binder. I would like to ask you then,
    1. what other binder could you recommend to swap with?
    2. about taking zeolite between lunch and dinner. I can barely survive 4 hours (3 h, zeolite, wait 1 hour) without snacking, when I eat low fat, low protein and plant based. Has it been a problem for you?

    All best,

  12. Hello! I’ve been following the medical medium liver rescue protocol for my acne. After reading this and doing some research I decided to try shilajit resin, as it has both humic and fulvic acids along with many other goodies. I’m not sure if it’s working as a true binder. Do you have any insight on this? Also when is the best time to take a binder? Would it be better following celery juice after a certain amount of time or first thing in the morning? Thank you for sharing this life saving information 🙂

  13. Meat protein is also wonderful for detox. Actually, detoxing from copper for example is impossible without high quality forms of meat. Plant-based diets can be dangerous and very easily lead to Copper Toxicity which is a little known but very common problem.

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I shared my journey since day 1 and built a loving community on instagram. It helped me a lot in my healing journey, and I met wonderful healing warriors that became very good friends. Don’t underestimate the power of community when healing, it can be of great help and support.

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