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My name is Julie and I have been severely ill since Feb 2015. After being let down so many times by modern medicine and conventional doctors, I decided to heal myself naturally with plants, healthy food, and lots of rest, nurturing and meditations.

I spent the last 4 years my head buried in books and websites using the part of my brain that was still functioning to try and understand how I could save myself.

That’s all I had left. That was my best shot.

I had tried everything and nobody knew how to help me. My legs weren’t carrying me anymore so I couldn’t leave my apartment for 2 years. I had so many questions and no one to answer them. I had only one obsession, it was to heal and feel even better than i’d ever felt before.

On holiday with my boyfriend Tim. I was extremely fatigued and had gallstone attacks every night. I could only walk a few meters. But we still had a great time. Getting some fresh air outside was such a gift. (Aug 2018)

I had all these questions… what’s the best diet? Will this make me sick? What protocol do I follow to really get better? What is neuroplasticity? How do I overcome the pain and the crippling fears? How do I deal with loved ones who don’t understand my journey?

I never meant to create a healing platform, but back at my worst, when I could barely breathe at night and was wondering if I would still be alive in the morning, I started sharing my journey on instagram at @julieshealing. 

Because I needed to feel connected to something, to have a purpose and to talk about it to keep my sanity and to create some sort of connection with the few people across the globe who were using the same hashtags at that moment.

Months passed and as I continued sharing my reality, my wins and my struggles, I realized that this was helping others trying to heal similar conditions as mine. It’s wasn’t about me anymore, it was about a community fighting an invisible demon while having so much hope and faith that this fight was going to lead to something spectacular. To fully grown beautiful humans vibrant of life and vitality, ready to share the gift of health with others and make the earth a better place.

I know this may sounds cheesy to some people… if you think that maybe you’ve never been ill. There is something worse than pain and suffering… it’s being let down by others. Feeling so lonely because no one else understands. Being judged while you’re down and sick.

Finding gratitude in those moments requires the strength of a hundred men, strength that often we’re just too weak to have at that moment.

This blog is for you.

For the ones struggling in silence, lonely, and who are looking for answers that doctors can’t give them. I wish I had this information when I first started. But at the same time.. I don’t regret anything because it led me to where I am today.

Today (June 2019) I can proudly say that I am 50% healed. I went from 1% to 50% in 1,5 years. It’s been incredible. I met wonderful people online and I realized that there are thousands of young people like me trying to heal on their own, because they don’t have any other choice that trying anything and everything until they finally get better.

Update: today (March 2021): I am 70% healed. It’s been such an amazing recovery journey – and I’m heading towards the 100%. 

This blog will be an extension of the info I share on my instagram, but more in depth. The search bar will also make it easier for you to navigate and find the specific topics you’re looking for. I’ll also link the products I find are helping me immensely, in case they can help you too.

Welcome and thank you for being here.

Are you ready to heal with me? :

Julie healing (5)


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18 Comments on “Welcome!

  1. Julie. I have followed you for some time now. I am so grateful for you but also so incredibly happy for your journey. Your determination and passion is something very inspiring to witness. It’s funny as an older woman, like a mother I find myself so proud of you for never giving up. I well up when you are having an amazing experience. It can be so overwhelming when again and again people don’t understand or believe. Keep going! You are such an incredible shining light!! All my love. Kim

  2. Julie, you are an incredible soul. I am intrigued by your determined positive behavior. Very kind of you for choosing to help others for free. Good luck and lots of love for your healing journey!!!! Keep up that gorgeous smile !!!!


  3. I’m so glad you started this blog!! Your such an inspiration, especially from someone so young. I know you will heal fully! Stay strong and sweet and all will go your way.
    Kim Karas

  4. Julie, what wonderful news! I am looking forward to you finishing your ebook so 7I can buy it and thus return but a very very small fraction of the energy your Instagram posts have given me throughout the past year. So many new things I learned from you! And so much inspiration I derived from your posts. I am happy to see you and your health flourishing. Onwards and upwards! Much love!

  5. Dear Julie, I’m really impressed by your determination to heal and your will power and positive mindset. Amazing what you have reached so far and sharing this knowledge with the world is so noble and kind ? thank you, you #rock girl ❤ !!

  6. Julie,
    I’ve been following you for a little over a year now. You constantly inspire me. Your hard work and dedication to healing yourself inspires others. Thank you for always sharing your ups and downs, your experiences, and your results from things you’ve tried. You are strong and a fighter! So happy you’ve created another platform to learn and share on together.
    Much Love,

  7. Dearest Julie,
    So thrilled to see you here! You and your body of information just keep getting bigger and better day by day. It has been such a joy and honour to share in your healing journey and see all of your incredible hard work pay off. Thank you for sharing all that you do despite the critics. We appreciate it hugely and look forward to seeing you heal all the way and beyond! Bravo ma brave!


  8. This blog will be as amazing as you are! I love all that you freely share on instagram and this will be such a great addition as a healing resource for more people looking for answers. Keep shining your bright light!

  9. Congratulations on your blog. I’ve loved following your journey. Most of all I am in such awe of your optimism. Despite your pain you shine like a bright star. Here’s to your continued health ????

  10. I love that you have a blog now!! You and your journey are special to me…I will be waiting for more posts!

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! You have been a huge help & inspiration for me and my healing journey! Lots of love <3

  12. I just want to Thank you and to tell you that I am so happy for your healing journey and all the dedication of helping and inspiring others (me in the first place :)). Keep shining Beauty xx

  13. You are SO inspiring!! Thank you for your posts!! I have been following you on Instagram and appreciate your candid experience immensely!! Your journey gives me hope that I too can heal and that I’m not alone. You are so generous with your wisdom and experience, thank you!!! I’ve been healing for 3yrs now with a Medical medium lifestyle. Do you have any recommendations of books outside of MM specifically on detox? Still learning how to read my body (mixing up cooked food/raw/low fat with my symptoms) with all of these healing foods! Sending light and love your way?✨

  14. Glad to see you here on this blog. Thanks for writing it all down for us. See you on IG. ❤️

  15. Dear Julie,
    You are amazing. I love your Instagram and your energy. You helped me so much. Tim is amazing too ??

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Hi, I’m Julie! I created this blog to share the best healing tips I’ve learned during my recovery against chronic illness and empower you so you can heal yourself.
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I shared my journey since day 1 and built a loving community on instagram. It helped me a lot in my healing journey, and I met wonderful healing warriors that became very good friends. Don’t underestimate the power of community when healing, it can be of great help and support.
I shared my journey since day 1 and built a loving community on instagram. It helped me a lot in my healing journey, and I met wonderful healing warriors that became very good friends. Don’t underestimate the power of community when healing, it can be of great help and support.

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